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Fintech: Centralized Payment Data for Merchants

You are a merchant. You have a business. You want your accounting team to be able to streamline their work as much as possible. Their roles are becoming more complicated with the growth of an online business, international business, and the demands of customers wanting to know about their accounts immediately. Accounts payable managers face […]

Benefits of Using Multiple Gateways

When your electricity goes out, do you have a back-up plan? Do you have a generator or solar panels? How much power will you need? Can you live on just battery-powered devices? As we are focused on the world-wide pandemic of COVID-19, we should also think of the “power” of having a back-up plan for […]

5 Commonly Asked Questions About Nexio and Direct Sales

1. What is Nexio? Nexio is a payment hub: it programmatically connects direct sales merchants, through their software, to a full suite of payment services. Nearly all direct sales companies use one of the 20 back-office software partners. This back-office software has to manage all the direct sales payment chaos. 2. What is payment chaos? […]