What happens when a gateway or processor goes down or stops allowing processing for various types of products? You miss out on sales. How do you prevent this? Through redundancy. Nexio will enable you to have multiple gateways and processors, so you never miss out on a sales transaction.

Anticipate Challenges

Every company needs a backup plan or an emergency plan for their merchant account. Having a redundancy plan prepares you for unexpected changes and allows your customers a seamless shopping experience. Set up your redundancy plan now, rather than in the middle of a crisis.

Leverage Multiple Gateways

Using multiple gateways allows you to:

  • Route transactions to specific gateways
  • Collect and analyze shopper data
  • Designate specific gateways to be used by country or payment type

Maximize Gateway Functions

Setting up merchant accounts with separate companies provides options for:

  • Selecting a provider who is best at routing regional processing (APAC, EU, etc.)
  • Using your backup payment provider if your merchant account gets shut down
  • When one gateway or processor goes down your payments are automatically rerouted