Are you tired of crunching numbers every month? Do you have to pull data from various sources and spend hours analyzing it to understand your customers? Take the chaos out of collecting data by using Nexio’s Consolidated Dashboard.

We aggregate data from gateways, processors, 3rd-party software, banks, etc. into single transaction records, chargeback records, and more. This allows you to refine the data into customized reports to focus on driving customer engagement and commerce and improving the overall experience. Every transaction contains valuable information for elevating your payment process.

Consolidated dashboard

View all data in one place through the Nexio Dashboard.


Use filters to see and create reports for card type, transaction date, settled date, and more that will be meaningful for your business.

Real-time Data Tracking

Real-time data tracking to understand and plan your marketing strategies.

Customizable Reporting

Track sales by currency, region, payment type, amount, batch, and more.

Transaction Disputes

View transaction disputes and attach supporting documents to fight the dispute.