Nexio has partnered with Kount, an Equifax Company, and the leading-industry fraud prevention tool, to protect your merchant account. Kount was integrated into the Nexio APIs from the start, allowing Nexio to use AI and machine learning to work for you as your personal risk analysis specialist. Nexio has hundreds of settings that you can configure to safeguard against fraudulent card usage, fake accounts, duplicate distributor registrations, and more.

Prevent Emerging Fraud

Next-generation AI protects against new and existing fraud attacks before they become chargebacks. Transaction data is run instantaneously through hundreds of models developed to access the relative risk or safety of the transaction.

Control Business Outcomes

Customize risk thresholds to achieve desired business outcomes: decline rates, fraud rates, and fraud operations costs. Running a risk assessment through Kount is as easy as flipping a switch in the Nexio APIs from false to true.

Reduce Manual Reviews

Lower operational costs and drive greater scalability to fraud operations teams by automating approve and decline decisions. And Nexio allows merchants to approve and decline transactions that are set to ‘review’ status in the Nexio Dashboard.

Increase acceptance Rates

Improve the customer experience, increase order acceptance rates, and generate more revenue while reducing false positives.