Managing the Chaos of Payments

Nexio is a payment platform as a service (PaaS) offering. The main payment engine is a modular and scalable platform that enables integrated payment solutions to be deployed in domestic and international markets. We do this by successfully decreasing fraud, securing multiple transaction types, leveraging tokenization solutions and properly managing PCI and EMV scopes. Nexio integrates with solution providers in specific vertical markets.

Nexio’s Dashboard is a flexible and scalable reporting dashboard that is purposefully built to reflect data from multiple repositories, software systems, and transactional backbones. The payment platform as a service (PaaS) was built with a modern technology stack in a modular and agile form so that we can integrate with older line technologies that we partner with or purchase and also accommodate newer solutions that extend to the marketplace in innovative ways. The dashboard’s ease of use and configurability quickly give CFOs and other business managers information they can act on to manage and change the business metrics and trends needing attention.

Ready to Begin?

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