Monthly Archives: April 2020

Dreaming of Future Travel Plans

With the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19, the travel and hospitality industries stagnate. Sheltering at home, social distancing, and fear of contamination are keeping people at home. However, we can still embrace our wanderlust by planning our travel and taking advantage of some opportunities, right now. Travel deals: Many airlines, hotels, cruise ships, lodging, and more […]

Marketing During an Economic Downturn

By Colt Passey I have few thoughts about staying present and focused on marketing during an economic downturn and what some companies have done in the past. I am not saying that companies should increase spending, but they should continue to drive content out and find ways to market themselves even more now.  “As sales […]

The Demand for Developers

  An alarming fact is that 67% of all new jobs in STEM are in computing, but only 10% of STEM graduates are in Computer Science. STEM is the plan published in December 2018 and sets out a Federal strategy for the next five years based on increasing education opportunities for Science, Technology, Engineering, and […]