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Why Nexio?

Nexio allows corporations to aggregate multiple merchant accounts into one consolidated dashboard (domestic, international, multi-currency). Users can select one, several, or all merchant(s). All reports—as well as KPI—will automatically change to reflect selections. Too many merchants? Users can create groups to facilitate management and reporting.

Nexio provides industry standard KPI (key performance indicators) as well as advanced filters and other powerful tools to create custom reports and charts.

Nexio is equipped with state-of-the-art navigation so users can find what they’re looking for through menus, search, or notifications.

Our Cloud Security Platform which provides a multi-tenancy SaaS, is designed for high-security and maximum computing resource efficiency.

Nexio's chargebacks feature allows users to quickly and easily add customers without leaving the dashboard.


Nexio Dashboard will manage your merchant business and simplify your payment workflow. Our customizable widgets allow you to manage your reporting and data in the most efficient way.

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Choose the best option for each transaction from among our over 75 integrated gateways. We store the token externally from all gateways so you can effectively control and manage all of your data.

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Connect your business to the best tools in the industry for fraud protection, neutral tokenization, gateway failover, and more through the Nexio Hub

NEXIO features

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